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The RZ-1 A-wing interceptor (also known as the A-Wing Starfighter or simply the A-Wing) was a starfighter used by the Phoenix Squadron. It was the fastest starfighter in the galaxy at the time.


It was an exceptionally difficult ship to fly because it constantly pushed the limits of performance. The A-Wing was constantly subjected to incredible stresses, and its engines, hull and weapons systems required constant maintenance. Since it was only 9.6 meters long, each ship component was wedged into the cramped hull, and even the lightest hit could cause critical system failures. The pilot was almost totally exposed to enemy fire.

While fast, the A-Wing was fragile and was easily damaged by enemy fire. One well placed hit was often sufficient to destroy the vessel. A-Wing pilots relied on the ship's blistering speed and their own willingness to take foolish chances to survive in combat.

The A-Wing had two wing-mounted pivoting laser cannons which could angle sixty degrees up or down. This gave the fighter a far wider field of fire than starfighters with fixed weapon emplacements. It was also armed with twin rack of concussion missiles to deal considerable damage to larger starships. Adjustable stabilizer wings assisted in atmospheric flight. The wing control units were tied into the engine's thrust-vector controls, so the wings visibly adjusted even in space.


A group of A-wings were used extensively as part of Commander Jun Satos Phoenix Squadron, which was constituent to a much larger Rebellion. While successful, A-Wing's suffered considerable attrition to Imperial forces who could launch sizeable fighters outnumbering them. The Rebel's command ships were insufficient to carry, outfit and accommodate enough fighters compared to the Imperial ships, some of which could carry an entire wing. With the Rebels theft of an Imperial Carrier , they now possessed a dedicated carrier to maintain and provision the entire squadron.


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  • The A-wings seen in Star Wars Rebels are based off of Ralph McQuarrie's original concept designs for Return of the Jedi.