264 was an Astromech Droid who served the Galactic Empire as an information courier. It later helped the Ghost Crew find and rescue Kanan Jarrus.

However, when Zeb suggested they make 264 a member of the crew, Chopper ejected 264 from the Ghost, leaving the droid stranded on the plains of Lothal.


264 was a lot more easily intimidated than Chopper, particularly in the presence of Zeb, and was thus easily abducted by the Ghost crew. Despite it's previous ownership, however, 264 seemed intent on being helpful, putting out a fire that broke out on the Ghost and showing no apparent hesitance in aiding the rebels.


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Season One


  • At one point the Rebels production team had considered following up on the fate of 264, but ultimately determined that it most likely ran out of power and shut down in the Lothal plains.
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